Most Common Surgical Treatments for TMJ

For people suffering from TMJ and jaw pain, experts campaign the application of non-surgical treatments before deciding to use surgical alternatives. Due to the risk and the low effectiveness rate of surgery, they are considered to be last options and are considered only once all the other methods have failed.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common surgical/invasive procedures used for TMJ:

  1. Arthrocentesis- in this procedure, needles are inserted into the affected joint to irrigate the part with fluid and remove inflammatory byproducts and debris that may be causing the problem.

  2. Arthroscopy- a more invasive option than arthrocentesis, it involves the use of a camera to see the joint and clean it. Other procedures like suturing and removing scar tissue may also be done.

  3. Arthroplasty- also known as arthrotomy, this procedure involves open joint surgery performed on the joints of the jaw under general anesthesia.  Here, an incision along the ear similar to the one made for face lifts is created to expose the joint space. Removal of bone spurs, fusion, tumors, and adhesion may be made by the surgeon. Suturing and implanting can also be done. This process is known to be more painful than the others and require longer recovery time.

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