Creating a Healthy Style Across the Country

Hunger is a difficult issue that requires a well thought out answer. Feeding America aims to distribute food, but many food banks also help people address the factors that have caused their food issues to where they are unable to get food with their own resources.

Feeding America serves over 37 million people who are considered “food-insecure” every year. The population they serve to help is one that is at risk for diet-related illnesses, giving them a responsibility to provide those they help with healthy food to ensure they maintain a healthy lifestyle. They source almost one billion pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables every year as well as providing nutritional education to 79% of their food banks.

Feeding America are currently evolving their food banks to meet the needs of the people, turning them into centers for community wellness. Many of their food banks in various cities offer classes to help their clients learn how to manage their health and meet their nutritional needs. Some of these foods banks even work with registered dietitians or have partnerships with local medics for a community clinic. Other banks even manage their own farm and garden programs, which provide another source of fresh produce.

Working with local and national community organizations, businesses and the people they aim to help, Feeding America can help lead to a long-term solution to hunger and promote health.

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